Our Environmental Permitting and Monitoring Services

Section 404/401 Clean Water Act Permitting

Endangered Species Permits

  • Incidental Take Permits
  • Section 7 Consultations
  • Section 10 Consultations (Habitat Conservation Planning)

Section 1602 Fish and Game Code – Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements

Compliance Monitoring includes monitoring of the project activities by an experienced biologist to ensure that the measures described in the permits are being followed or that resources that are known to occur near the project are being avoided and/or protected from harm. Typically, monitoring occurs after permits are received, during the construction of the project and potentially for some time after the project is complete. The need for compliance monitoring is typically described as a measure in one of our project permits.

Restoration Monitoring includes monitoring of restoration plantings such as oak trees, riparian vegetation, or other habitats and plants for establishment, growth, signs of pest or disease, browsing animals, moist soils, invasive plants, and other success criteria.