The best places in California need preserving. South Environmental uses the latest technologies and best science available to further the conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitats in southern California. Our firm builds close relationships with organizations whose missions align with ours, and we assist with the planning and implementation of projects dedicated to the preservation and conservation of California’s natural areas and rare species. By only pursuing projects that align with our mission of conservation, we build trust and lasting relationships with our project partners based on a mutual passion for preserving California’s native areas.

South Environmental’s mission is to support the conservation and preservation of southern California natural areas. South Environmental was founded in early 2018 as a conservation planning firm dedicated to remaining small. This allows us to more quickly innovate, maintain low overhead, and avoid conflicting priorities by being selective in the projects we pursue. To maintain focus on our mission, we set upper (not-to-exceed) limits on our firm size, number of projects, and yearly revenue.

Specific services we offer are broken into five categories: Biological Resources, GIS & Data Science, Urban ForestryPermitting & Monitoring, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS/Drones). South Environmental specializes in biological resources assessments, resource management planning (habitat conservation plans, avian and nesting bird protection plans, mitigation and monitoring plans, urban forest management plans), wetland delineations and Clean Water Act permitting, rare and endangered species surveys, protected tree permitting, urban tree inventories, database construction and management, and web map application development.

Our team of experts includes Certified Widlife Biologists, Urban Foresters, Certified Arborist and Registered Consulting Arborists, Community Outreach Leaders, GIS Analysts, Certified UAS pilots, and Data Scientists that ensure the quality and strength of our science. We understand that professional and polished reports are what we ultimately provide for our clients and as a result we employ a team of Technical Editors and Graphic Designers to ensure all of our work is second to none.